Barry Prophet: Elusive Moving Parts

Out now on Sublunar: Elusive Moving Parts by Barry Prophet. The album is available here and on all major streaming / download services.

LeVant: UnFinetude

UnFinetude (EP) by LeVant, in collab with Andreea Verde, Cristina Padurariu and Alexandrina Hristov. This is probably the most radical and personal LeVant material so far, according to the artist himself: 

"As a sort of 'raison d’etre' (does art need such, anyway?) for its genesis, I think it came from the subconscious challenge I got from various persons asking me what is that digimodern experimental music I wrote about in my book, 'Postmodernism and Digimodernism in music: philosophical perspectives'. So I thought I should create a proper digimodern work and this slowly shaped in, thanks to some hours of expanding fantasy, unrelenting encounters with the realm of illusion and a handful of plugins."  

The EP is available here and on all major streaming / download services.


The Sublunar Society proudly announces a new record deal. Space Time Continuum is the first release on Sublunar by Q P.O.P. - the main art project of MarQu Vr. He has been involved with the underground music and art scene in Ireland since the late 90s, producing concept based multimedia art.

Originally DJ:ing styles such as EBM, Goa and Industrial, he began his journey as a producer in 2002, developing an experimental sound which is influenced by many styles, such as IDM, Techno, Industrial, Psychedelic, Ambient and Electro.

MarQu Vr graduated from Fine Art College, specializing in Digital Media, Video and Sound Art in 2001.

Space Time Continuum is available here and on all major download / streaming services.

ShapeShiftingAliens: Cut To The Bone - 2016 Edit

Check out Cut To The Bone - 2016 Edit, the new one track single by ShapeShiftingAliens. Now available on all major platforms. See the video for the single here.

Allan Gutheim: Unit II

Sublunar unveils Unit II, Allan Gutheim's last EP within the framework of his forthcoming album... 

Morgenstjærne: Demonstration

Jeff Stonehouse: Become Becoming (Nitro's Selfhood Remix)

Out now: Become Becoming (Nitro's Selfhood Remix). Special thanks to Marco Koch. The original can be found here...

David Hahn: Your Time Is Up

The Sublunar Society proudly announces a new record deal, with David Hahn. His first album on Sublunar, Your Time Is Up, is now available for download / streaming.

Hahn composes diverse styles of music, ranging from audio collages and electronic music to chamber and orchestral music, featuring traditional instruments and voices. Hahn's music has been commissioned and performed by many established professional ensembles and soloists. 

His music has been performed throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Chile, Cuba, Turkey, Croatia, France, Germany, Bolivia and Cyprus. He has also won several awards. For more info about Hahn, click here.

Allan Gutheim: Evolution VI

Barry Prophet: While You Were Sleeping

Theremin, sound art, electro-acoustic percussion, field recording... Barry Prophet unveils a new album, While You Were Sleeping. Out now on all major services.