Allan Gutheim: Evolution VI

Barry Prophet: While You Were Sleeping

Theremin, sound art, electro-acoustic percussion, field recording... Barry Prophet unveils a new album, While You Were Sleeping. Out now on all major services.

Allan Gutheim: Evolution V

Allan Gutheim: Evolution II


Sublunar proudly announces a new record deal. This time with Neal D Retke, aka {AN} EeL. He is a Canadian experimental artist who has, according to himself, "worked with people from across the globe & from outer space".

Forneal Tripple Cream Wheat Bear Orgy is {AN} EeL's first album on Sublunar. The music is available here and on all major download and streaming services.

Announcement, 365 singles and an album!

The Sublunar Society proudly announces a new record deal, with Mick Sussman (New York).

Who is the composer? Sussman – or his own software program, The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator?

With the push of a button, Rosenberg creates a unique composition, making thousands of decisions based on a sequence of randomized processes.

The pieces have echoes of electronic experimentalism, jazz, gamelan, afropop, psychedelic rock... This is also postmodern art music.

The Sublunar Society releases a single a day on all major services. The art project will continue for 365 days.

Sublunar also releases a digital album The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator: Selected Works, Vol. 1. These compositions are generated after the 365 first... Hence, they demonstrate the development this far.

For full press release, click here.

ShapeShiftingAliens: Stay

Sublunar presents Stay, the new one track single by ShapeShiftingAliens. Available for streaming / download here and on all major services. See the imaginative video here... 


The Sublunar Society and Ralph Koper have signed a record deal. Koper is a field recording artist from the Netherlands.
The first release on Sublunar is Ujung Kulon Soundclash. The album is recorded in Java, Indonesia, capturing the interactions between jungle, ocean and people.
In his own words:
"It was in 2010, when two friends decided to attend a wedding of a friend in Jakarta, Indonesia. When this event had passed in this hot, bustling, noisy, polluted city of 10 million people, there was a need for escape. Ujung Kulon National park provided the perfect answer.
The park was not very easy to reach (a full day travelling on a motorbike after the last bus stop), but the remoteness was achievable. In a sense this album is about such contrasts. Amongst other contrasts, interactions or conflicts in the album are 'culture and nature', 'liquid and solid', 'chaos and order'...
The first part of the album represents the chaotic, crowded and hysterical bustle. The second part of the album is about the interaction between ocean and a tropical island. The last part is even more tranquil… Floating in a small canoe over the waters of the mangrove forest."
The album is available for streaming / download here and on all major services.

Dr. Shinto: Let's Swing

Dr. Shinto's fourth single on Sublunar. Available for streaming / download here and on all major services.


Blending elegantly touching modern classical / ambient visions with experimental electronica, techno and an avantgarde sense of epic synaesthesia, Romanian producer and sonic artist George D. Stanciulescu teams up with The Sublunar Society to release LeVant’s new EP, Tone Skin, a work that will throw you into an intensely emotional and atmospheric state of lucid dreaming. 

On the EP Cristina Padurariu and Alexandrina Hristov are contributing (vocals). Cover by Andreea Retinschi. The EP is available for streaming / download below, and on all major services.

LeVant is the contemporary electronica project of Romanian producer George D. Stanciulescu, PhD in Philosophy of Digital Music & New Media. Since its inception in 2010, LeVant has performed acclaimed multimedia shows both as a band and as a DJ at various national & international festivals and venues, with a plethora of featured vocalists and guest artists, ranging from theatre and film, choreography, visual arts and so on. LeVant's releases have been featured in the international underground press, in a number of online publications, radio shows and samplers worldwide.