Sublunar proudly presents a new record deal with Brainshadow, i.e. the musical chameleon Niklas Rundquist from The Leather Nun (on violin). Rundquist has also composed commissioned works, such as music for films, documentaries and commercials, for example the vignette for Sandrew Metronome and other large companies. He has created music for acts like Iodine Jupiter, Cirkus Cirkör and various artists on the London scene.

You can stream or download Brainshadow here and on all major services. Cover photo: Pierre Skött.

The Sublunar Society – Indie Label of the Month!

SIMBA (Swedish Independent Music Business Alternative) in association with SOM (Swedish Independent Labels) selected The Sublunar Society to the indie label of the month in Sweden. Read the interview in English here – or here, in Swedish.


The Summary

Allan Gutheim: Encoder I / Simplex IV

Dr. Shinto featuring Motoko Ishii: Gruntland

Dr. Shinto: Amygdalae (Sophie Rimheden Remix)

Dr. Shinto for Beginners

Allan Gutheim: Decoder III / Code III


The Sublunar Society announces a new record deal with the Canadian based composer, percussionist, installation artist and sculptor Barry Prophet.

Prophet's music has appeared in galleries and theatres in Canada, United States and Europe. Creating unique sounds since 1979, Prophet's percussion performance sculptures and micro tonally tuned glass lithophones have been featured on numerous recordings.

Prophet composes for contemporary dance and performs live improvisation using sound art, percussion, synthesizers and digital theremin with live processing. 

You can stream or download Sound As Instrument & Art (volume 1 and 2) here and on all major services. Both albums will be available on CD in 2016.