Allan Gutheim: Axiomatic

The Sublunar Society presents Axiomatic, a 12 track MP3 digital album, by the avant-electronic composer Allan Gutheim.

You can stream the album below or listen to the music on Spotify, Deezer etc. Axiomatic is available for download from e.g. iTunes and all Amazon sites. 

Gutheim has written music for art exhibitions, multimedia productions, theater, ballet and film. Axiomatic is the follow-up to last year's collaboration with Unda Arte, within the frame of Postmodern Substrata.

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Now Available!

The Sublunar Society presents Postmodern Substrata — a deluxe, retrospective art portfolio by Unda Arte (art, texts and graphic design) and Allan Gutheim (music).

This unique art portfolio consists of 15 original art prints (15 x 21 cm), a 28 page booklet with literary texts and a 4 track CD single. The portfolio is limited to 99 individually numbered copies.